Omar Bermudez

Omar Bermudez is co-founder and principal consultant of Zettago Consulting Group.

Organizations like Nokia, Equipetrol, Autodesk, Conexia, Woozworld, Keops, Kraft, Alcoa and Seedbox had the privilege to work with him around the world (Argentina, Brasil, Canada, USA, Bolivia, India, China). Omar Bermudez has worked with organizations in industries as diverse as consumer and industrial products, financial services, technology, and hydrocarbon industry.

Omar Bermudez has a track record of helping organizations clarify their value proposition, improve teamwork, and solve problems to improve profits.

With a focus on clearly differentiating products and services to meet customer needs, Omar Bermudez has helped large corporate clients, entrepreneurs, and mid-market companies improve their effectiveness.

An effective integrator who helps teams reach creative, winning solutions across organizational and functional lines, Omar Bermudez provides broad expertise and a practical framework that brings out the best in teams and individuals.
With large experience in strategy, manufacturing, operations and engineering, Omar Bermudez gives clients powerful insights to produce profitable growth. At Nokia Corporation, Omar led project, operations and engineering teams in keeping up and running infrastructure for more of 10M of users, improving service performance and reducing maintenance cost.

Omar Bermudez earned his B.S. In Computer Engineering at the National Technology University in Argentina. By many considered a natural leader, a mentor and a motivator, Omar believes it is important to continually be learning and growing. He is passionate about leadership development and seeing people reaching their full potential. Omar’s dream is to be a lifelong learner, growing each day.