Re-Organization Program: 3-D Modeling First!

If your organization is in the process of a new reorganization or the first restructuring, this Exploration Program will allow you to discover insight about cost and how the reorganization can work in the future. It will provide possible scenarios about the results you can get. It will show you how to get all of this without executing any change.
You probably want to know how I can generate such great output without executing any change. OK, let me share this with you: normally builders and architects use 3-D models to maximize the benefits and increase the features of a new building without building anything. They use 3-D models to evaluate, modify at a very low cost, and define the final look and feel before starting to build. Are you familiar with this process? Well, car designers and even vest designers use the same techniques and I am using the same techniques with my clients.
In saying this; we will build your new reorganization in a 3-D dynamic model. It will allow you to try different scenarios; how you perceive the information will flow and all of this with “zero” investments in the change itself. Only with your Exploration Program investment, can you use the 3-D tool for changing features, positions, information flow, discovering bottlenecks as well as discovering many other dynamics in your new reorganization without realizing any actual change.
At the end of this Exploration Program, you will receive the list of initiatives to follow up with this change, how to do it, and who will do it; without forgetting about the full commitment and buy-in of all of the people involved in this change.
By the way, it is a 3-D modeling technique without computer assistance. It will be a live model.

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