Self-Organizing Program: Build Your Self-Organizing Culture Now!

Your organization has one of more of these symptoms:

  • No-ownership organization/team culture;
  • Slow product deliveries;
  • No-responsibility organization/team culture;
  • Slow learning organization culture;
  • Low team moral and motivation;
  • Low team collaboration;
  • Low trust levels in your teams;
  • Misinterpretation between “self-organizing” and “self-organized/self-managed”;
  • Your organization needs ‘self-organizing’ teams, but the leaders are fearful because they don’t understand their new role.

Unfortunately for some organizations, ‘self-organizing’ teams are a luxury that most organizations don’t have today. However, in a few years, when the millennials populate organization structures, it will be a must-have quality for organizations.
In this Exploration Program your organization will address the role of each person in a new ‘self-organizing’ organization. If you really think about it; everyone in your organization will have their own space in a new ‘self-organizing’ organization. Yes, you got it right; it is not true that actual managers will disappear from the new ‘self-organizing’ structures. Actual managers will be the key pillars of the new ‘self-organizing’ teams. The only change for them will be the job description and their daily tasks.
It is also false that there exists only two ways to make decisions: “Top-Down decisions” or “Consensus decisions”. ‘Self-organizing’ teams use faster, dynamic and more powerful ways to make decisions. Now you must pay attention; I never said it was a “magic” process. All decision processes allow for people to make a wrong decision at one time or another. However, statistics show that the ‘self-organizing’ team decision process allows for making better decisions than any other process.
At the end of this Exploration Program, you will get a list of initiatives to start building ‘self-organizing’ teams in an effective and efficient way. With a higher rate of success, and with a good way to track progress and to make adjustments to the next steps, the ROI you will get with this Exploration Program will be without precedent in your organization for this kind of change.

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